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Twisted and Sick


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This is a community that shall remain small and exclusive.

This is a community for writing about our fantasies.
This isn't a place to find pulitzer winning writing.
Not everyone's fantasies will make sense to you, and that's okay.
This is a place for posting those dark fantasies we have.
This is the place for posting the things we crave that we usually never name.
This is a safe place to reveal your sick and twisted side.


This isn't about erotic fiction; it's about what turns us on, and it doesn't have to be a complete fantasy - it can be an image, a word, or a thought.


Community Rules

What you read here stays here. No reposting anything from this communiity without the original poster's okay. If we see anything has been posted in another community (or anywhere else) without permission, you will be banned.

No snark. If you don't have something nice to say about someone's fantasy, don't say anything at all. No exceptions.

Grammar police are not welcome.

This is an adult community. If you're not over 18, don't apply.


If you have an open mind, if you'd like to share what makes you wet/hard/excited, if you'd like to know what other people dream about in their darkest moments.... welcome.

Community Members: in order to make your posts PRIVATE (so that only other members in the community can read them) please set the security on each post you make to the community to "friends". You may have to go back into the entry and edit it to do this - but it will ensure that your fantasies are only visible to the other members of the community.